JJS Oilfield Supply was formed in 1985 to supply equipment among other into Eastern Europe. Our goal was and still is to render service to the companies beyond the pure supply business, which were at that time under communistic rulership. Very quickly the word spread that we were not just supplying equipment but also recommending different material to what was known up to than and our business expanded rapidly.

JJS did not want to be one among the many of supply companies, so we went a different way by acting in most cases as manufacturer's representative for the areas in which we conduct our business. Please revert to Manufacturer and Products & Equipment list to find our comprehensive list of companies we represent or have very close and long lasting relationship with. We are of course also in the position to supply you with equipment not mentioned in this listing as long as they are oil & gas drilling or production related.

In 1994 we purchased SCREEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY (SCOTLAND) Ltd., a manufacturer of screens for all kind of shakers and we can count among our regular customers companies like DOW CHEMICAL and BASF as well as most of the paper mills in Scotland and in the oil industry contractors and supply companies in Scotland, England, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunesia etc.

It is our aim and goal to continue and expand our relationship with our customers and vendors to keep them happy through fast and courteous service, quality products, competitive prices and back-up of the products we delivered.

It is our philosophy that a given word is as good as a contract and the key to success is service to our customers.

J.-J. Steinbeck
Managing Director

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